We have some tips for remodeling your kitchen. The kitchen seems to be the heartbeat of the home and if you are remodeling, you definitely want to get it right. There are several things to consider before starting. The options have come along way in recent years, so you will have a lot of decisions to make. Let’s take a look at these tips


You want to be efficient in your new kitchen and have a natural flow. Think about how you will use this space. If you have a lot of space to work with, you will still want your working area to be close and functional. No one wants to walk a great distance to grab one more thing from the refrigerator. Many try to plan their kitchen with a working triangle between the sink, the range and the refrigerator. If you make the distance equal between these three, your kitchen will naturally have a nice flow.


Lighting is critical when planning a kitchen. You want even lighting to ensure the inviting, yet functional look you want. Make a statement with a big light fixture over the island. This can be a fun area to show some personality while providing functionality. Another area for needed lighting is under the cabinets. Placing lights under the cabinets will ensure that you don’t lose any light that the cabinets may block.

The Stove

Many feel that the stove is one appliance that should be highlighted in the kitchen. There are so many options out there today, there is sure to be a great option in every price range. Along with the stove, get a hood for the range. There are a lot of ways to make this a beautiful piece in your kitchen. You could get a customized hood, or have your contractor build around the hood making it look more custom.


There are so many options for countertops today. This is a huge part of your kitchen. Take time to consider the type of countertop you want and the color…the variety available is amazing. Also consider the functionality of each type of countertop. There are pros and cons to each that need to be considered.


Again, lots of options here. Do you want a more modern look or traditional? Cabinets are a huge part of the kitchen. Make sure you consider functionality when planning. For example, big drawers for storing your pots and pans and placing your trash and recycle area beside the sink. After deciding the placement of cabinets, choosing the style and color is next. You could have open shelving on the top for a more modern, airy look or you could choose to have upper cabinets that go to the ceiling. There are many things to consider when choosing cabinets.


Stone, tile, wood, cork….what works best for you? When selecting the floor type for your kitchen, consider durability as well as how comfortable it will be to stand on. There are colors and styles available for every type of kitchen.