An outdoor fire feature can help your family enjoy the great outdoors long into the winter. This time of year is amazing, with it’s cool nights and beautiful air, why wouldn’t you want to be outside? Adding an outdoor fire feature may be just what your home needs.

There are a variety of fire features available today. Let’s take a look at a few…

Wood Burning

A wood burning fire pit is like having a contained campfire right in your backyard. Warmth, ambiance, crackle of the wood….this type of fire pit provides it all. Wood burning fire pits have a lot of advantages, however, it’s important to be aware of the maintenance. You will have to regularly chop wood or buy firewood at the store. You will also have to have a dry, covered area to cover the wood….and unfortunately, insects are attracted to wood piles.


Propane fire pits are very convenient. You can have a beautiful fire within minutes. They are offered in a variety of decorative layouts. Faux wood, rock pebbles or glass are a few of the options available. With the convenience, there are always a few drawbacks. It can be expensive to maintain your propane tank. You also run the risk of running out of propane while entertaining. These are just a few things to consider before making your decision.


Gel fueled fire pits burn clean without producing a scent or smoke. This makes gel fueled fire pits very versatile. You can add ambiance to almost any part of your backyard as this type of fire pit is easy moved. The main drawback to gel fire pits is that they do not provide much heat. This might be perfect if you are in warmer climates.

Natural Gas

Natural gas fire pits are a great option if you have access to a gas line in your backyard. The big draw is that you will never run out of fuel. They are convenient, low maintenance and reliable. Natural gas is fairly inexpensive to run, however, getting a line installed may be a bit of an initial investment. The line is also permanent, so you cannot move your fire pit on a whim.

Fire pits are not a trend of the day, they are an addition you can feel confident in adding to your backyard. It will not only add ambiance, beauty and comfort to your backyard, it will also add equity. Investing in your home is always a great idea.