How much does it cost to build a house? Depends on what you’re building. The cost to build a house in Texas varies widely, and the variation only gets worse when you get into custom home building. As we exclusively build custom homes, a house we build may be anywhere from $300,000 to well over a million. Though I’ll happily give you a range based on data from, the truth is, this information probably isn’t going to help you much. According to the above website, the average national price to build a home is about $300,000, but a custom home is generally going to cost significantly more than this.

You also have to keep this in mind — national numbers like these take into account houses that are much, much cheaper than you’re probably looking to buy and houses that are much, much more expensive than anyone except the very rich can afford.

Our clients tend to have high incomes, but very few home builders are building houses in the 8-digit range, and those numbers, combined with extremely low numbers from certain types of prefabricated homes, can throw these averages off and really make them kind of useless.

Even putting that aside, there are just too many factors in play to really say, one way or the other, how much it’s going to cost to build your home.

For instance, one of the biggest factors driving the cost of a home in Texas is the area of Texas in which you’re building.

The cost to build a home in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is going to be significantly different than the cost to build a home in the middle of East Texas, for example.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a House in Texas? Materials Play a Large Role

Building materials also play a very large role in determining the cost of your home.

In fact, a lot of potential customers initially ask how much I charge per square foot, which generally leads to this explanation: the common method of using cost per square foot to price a house is a bit silly because it doesn’t take the quality of the house or the building materials into account.

If you’re going to choose only the best materials, your cost per square foot is going to rise significantly.

However, one of the reasons that mass-produced homes cost what they do is that they all follow a set number of pre-chosen floor plans and use lower-quality materials.

If you choose to save a bit on some types of building materials, your cost is going to go down without compromising the quality of your home.

The way that you choose to customize your home is also an important factor when it comes to determining cost.

A custom home can have just about anything added to it, and some additions can cost significantly more than it might cost to simply move from one floor plan to another in a mass-produced home situation — it’s just not accurate to compare the cost of a custom home to the cost of a mass-produced home.

How Long Does It Take to Build a House in Texas? Depends on the Builder

A lot of customers wonder how long it’s going to take to build their house. You may have heard stories about custom homes taking months or years longer than they should have. Fortunately, we work in Texas, an unregulated market, which, when combined with our process, allows us complete your home in about 4–5 months.

Other builders may give you a significantly different timeline, but we’ve found that there’s no reason your home should take anywhere near the amount of time some builders quote.

At the end of the day, it comes down to skill and professionalism. Some builders are just going to have more skill than others, and some builders just aren’t going to be able to deliver what they promise.

We deliver what we promise.

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