Embracing Accessibility and Aging in Place in Wise County, TX

Embracing Accessibility and Aging in Place in Wise County, TX

In Wise County, TX, the concept of a home transcends mere shelter. It’s a haven, a repository of memories, and a testament to life's stages. At Edge Crew Construction, we understand the profound need for homes to evolve with us, especially as we age. This understanding drives our dedication to designing homes that embody accessibility and aging in place.

Our North Texas construction team, renowned as custom home builders in North Texas and lake house builders, is committed to creating spaces where every individual, regardless of age or mobility, can live independently and with dignity. If you're envisioning a home that meets these ideals, contact us today, and let's embark on this journey together.

Open floorplan home

Open Spaces and Safe Places

Creating a space that's both beautiful and functional for all ages begins with an open floor plan. This layout not only fosters a sense of connection and ease of movement but also accommodates the varied needs of individuals.

Incorporating larger windows and specific color schemes enhances depth perception and ensures safety while navigating the home. Our designs seamlessly integrate these elements, reflecting our expertise as both custom home builders and lake house builders in the serene landscapes of North Texas.

transforming bathrooms

Transforming Bathrooms into Comfort Zones

The bathroom, often overlooked, is a critical space for incorporating accessibility features. Modifications such as adjustable toilet heights, strategically placed grab bars, anti-slip coatings, and walk-in showers can significantly enhance safety and independence. Our specialized team prioritizes these adjustments, ensuring that the personal space of your bathroom remains a comfort zone, not a challenge.


The Heart of the Home

Kitchens are the heart of any home, and our designs ensure they are accessible and easy to navigate. By adjusting sink heights, installing hands-free faucets, and ensuring storage is easily accessible, we make the kitchen a joy to use for individuals of all abilities.

Being able to cook your own food and take care of your own needs is truly empowering, and these thoughtful considerations underscore our reputation as leading custom home builders in North Texas. We are dedicated to crafting spaces that cater to every culinary need.

low-profile bed

Bedroom and Laundry Room Innovations

Our approach to bedrooms and laundry rooms is guided by the principles of low effort and high safety. Our custom bedrooms feature low-profile beds, nightstands at bed height, and ample clearance, making them accessible sanctuaries. In laundry rooms, we raise appliances and simplify controls, reflecting our commitment to accessibility and ease. These innovations are a testament to making sure every detail is crafted with care.

contracting plans and supplies

A Universal Approach

We champion universal design principles, ensuring our homes are accessible and enjoyable for all. Features like no-step entries, wide doorways, reachable controls, and easy-to-use handles are not just additions — they're integral to our custom designs. This philosophy positions us as forward-thinking custom home builders in North Texas, dedicated to creating environments that embrace everyone's needs.

In Wise County and beyond, our team at Edge Crew Construction stands as a beacon of innovation and inclusivity in home design. Our commitment to designing for accessibility and aging in place reflects our vision for crafting homes that everyone can enjoy, regardless of age or ability.

If you share our passion for creating spaces that cater to a lifetime of memories and milestones, let's connect. Together, we'll build homes that welcome, protect, and inspire everyone who walks through their doors. Join us on this meaningful journey to redefine what it means to feel at home in North Texas.

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