The custom home builder’s job is, in simple terms, the following: Deliver the ideal home you’ve always wanted. But, to arrive there, you have a couple of different paths to choose from — the more traditional architect-builder path, or the design-build path. Each approach has its advantages and also its potential drawbacks. Custom Home Builders — The Solo Architect. An architect’s job is to design an ideal home based on your needs and desires.

When the plans are completed, you then have to search out a builder who is capable of turning those plans into the actual home you’re going to live in.

It may also require you to contract any number of specialists for things like cabinets, counters, or tilework.

There can be a lot of headache involved when you bring in multiple teams who are not coordinated and supervised by someone who understands the big picture.

Another Potential Problem

In the real world, money is a limiting factor.

Builders have to deliver on the construction of those plans, and they know there’s a price tag on every inch of that design — every type of wood, every cabinet door, the carpet you choose, each specially shaped sink, the curve in the staircase, the fantastic light fixtures, and so on.

Taking bids and hiring the builder of your choice can be a huge pain, and you might find, once the builder gets a good look at the plans, that the cost to build the design is much higher than you thought it would be.

That can mean more negotiation, more delays, more miscommunication, more risk and responsibility on your part, and therefore, more frustration and expense.

Custom Home Builders — Design-Build Firms

How could you more easily get your dream home and the realities of building a custom home in line and on course?

How can we get everyone moving in the same direction?

There is an answer — Single-Source Accountability.

What if you had everyone on board from the very start of the project, with all the experts involved from the beginning, starting with the planning stage?

Just imagine the architect, the builder, the carpenters, the bricklayers, and everyone else working right from the start to get you the dream home you hoped for.

That’s what a design-build firm will accomplish for you that the solo architect might not be able to provide.

By putting the entire process in the hands of one firm, the process is streamlined to get you the home you want with the least amount of surprises and setbacks possible.

Custom Home Builders — What If You Didn’t Have to Choose?

At Edge Crew, we close the gap between expectation and reality, bringing the necessary pieces of the puzzle together to provide a complete design-build experience without the drawbacks of the traditional path.

We have extensive training in architecture and over a decade of experience in construction, including project estimating and project management.

That means Edge Crew has the strengths of both models without the weaknesses — the architectural expertise and the building experience under one umbrella.

Most importantly, there’s evidence to support our success — 75 percent of our clients are referred by others living in homes we designed and built for them.

You get one team with one purpose — to build your dream home from conception to completion, giving you exactly what you had hoped for from your team of custom home builders.

Get in touch and let’s talk about how Edge Crew can use all of those advantages to design and build your dream home.