Building an energy efficient home can save you money as soon as your home is completed. Utility costs can be the second highest bill for a homeowner, the first usually being the mortgage. By building your home with energy efficiencies from the start, you will be a step ahead on the cost of running your household.

It’s important to look at all areas of your home to ensure you maximize the efficiency of your home. You need to look at the exterior, heating and cooling, water management, and lights and appliances. Let’s look at each of these…

The Exterior

  • Make your home as air-tight as possible – seal any gaps, cracks, around pipes and


  • Insulation – don’t skimp here…insulate your home as well as possible
  • Energy efficient windows and doors – this is a huge area to help keep the cold or heat out

Heating and Cooling

  • Install a high efficiency HVAC system to maximize performance
  • Insulate ducts in attic areas as well as crawl spaces
  • Ensure that the equipment and ductwork are properly sized to optimize performance

Water Management

  • Ensure that moisture resistant material is installed behind the walls of tubs and showers
  • The area around the home needs to be graded so water flows away from the foundation
  • Install flashing in all areas necessary to add a second layer of protection

Lighting and Appliances

  • Install LEDs and energy efficient light bulbs – these cut energy costs dramatically
  • Look for appliances that use less energy – many appliances today offer all of the top of the line features while remaining energy efficient
  • There are many energy efficient appliances including refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, ventilation fans and ceiling fans