Affording the home of your dreams is quite feasible if you follow a few tips. Decide what is most important to you and go big in those areas. In other areas, try to be conservative. You can build a beautiful home without going beyond your budget. Planning is key…if you plan properly, you can save tremendously.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

A smaller home is automatically going to be more affordable. That doesn’t mean you can’t have all the features and space you want. You just need to consider if you need a family room and a formal living room. Do you need a formal dining room, a breakfast nook and bar stools in the kitchen? Trim out what you don’t need and plan a home that has really usable space.

Design According to Building Materials

Building materials were created a certain size to make it easy build and have less waste. This works great if you have 8 foot x 16 foot wall, but not so great if you have a 9.5 foot x 19 foot wall. The same goes for structural lumber. If you can build your rooms a size that makes sense according to building materials, you significantly reduce waste which equals money in your pocket.

Put your Money Where it Counts

Where do you spend most of your time in your home? That’s where you should spend your money. Put granite countertops in the kitchen, but not the laundry room. Place nice carpet in the family room, but cheaper elsewhere. Don’t go all out on your kids bathroom, they don’t care. This will save you a good amount and you will still have all the nice things in all your favorite spots.

Get it Right the First Time

Don’t cheap out on your roof, windows, siding, etc. You will lose out on efficiency and pay for it with utility bills. You will also have to replace these cheaper items sooner than you’d like. Also, put in plenty of insulation in as many areas as possible.

Simplicity Wins Out

Many newer homes have all kinds of angles, dormers and high peaks. If you select a home that follows the more classic, simple form…you will save. This goes back to saving on building material. This doesn’t mean you have to change the look of the exterior that you love. But take a look at simplifying and streamlining some of the lines. You will be amazed at the savings and beauty.